Wondem Foundation is committed to multiple projects in Mezezo in Ethiopia in the areas education, clean water and help for women.

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Wondem Foundation fights poverty in Ethiopia


In Ethiopia, it is estimated that about 100,000 children live on the streets, of which 40,000 live in Addis Ababa. This number is growing annually by 5%. These children are separated from their families mainly by poverty, war and famine. Young girls from the country side are often forced to go into town to work in the households where they are subjected to exploitation and (sexual) abuse. Many girls flee from this situation and end up on the streets. There is a great chance that they join (child)prostitution, where the risk of infection with HIV and hepatitis is extremely high. The Ethiopian authorities have not adequately recognized the specific problem of street girls. These girls, therefore virtually have no shelter or help.

Documentary about Wondem Foundation

Film about projects in 2019

A film was made of Tefera’s visit to last year’s projects in Ethiopia. He then watched the progress together with Johanna and Rachida of Wilde Ganzen. Of course, this also included a beautiful opening ceremony!

Who is Wondem?

We, Tefera and Etetu Zerfu, have established Wondem Foundation in 2010 in memory of our son Wondem, who passed away at the age of 12 by a medical error in the AMC in Amsterdam.

Dream of Wondem

Wondem has been five times in Ethiopia. When he was visiting, he was very sad of the poverty around him. He saw poor children without food or clothing, and immediately wanted to give his own clothes and shoes away. He did this and then he asked: “Dad, how can I make money for these children?” He asked this question almost daily.

In 2005 Wondem became a member of the foundation Progress for Integrated Community Development Organization (PICDO). This is a foundation in Addis Ababa for children with HIV/AIDS. The whole family of Wondem sent money every month to this foundation.

When Wondem was in Ethiopia in May 2008 with his father, he was again very moved by the situation in Ethiopia. See opposite what he then against his father said:

When I am grown-up, I will establish my own foundation to improve the predicament of these children.

Wondem Zerfu

His great desire was to give a better future to the poorest children in Ethiopia. Through Wondem Foundation we are striving to realize the dream of Wondem.

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With your money we can continue our work in Ethiopia for a better living environment, completely in line with Wondem’s wish.


School library

Wondem Foundation is primarily committed to improving education by building school libraries.

Clean water

Wondem Foundation has built water wells in Mezezo and Kobastil to provide access to clean drinking water for everybody.

Help for women

Wondem Foundation helps women with education, sanitary towels and a way to earn money.


Mezezo is a small city with 8,000 inhabitants, located in the countryside 193 km northeast of Addis Ababa, the capital of the African country Ethiopia. Mezezo is in a bad social and economic state. That is why Wondem Foundation financially supports education and water supply

Volunteers wanted!

Wondem Foundation is looking for volunteers. Are you good at fundraising, can you take care of print or do you want to dedicate yourself to Wondem Foundation? Please contact Wondem Foundation. Thank you very much in advance.