I, Eyob Roding, am an ambassador for the Wondem Foundation. The objective of the Wondem Foundation is to combat poverty in Ethiopia. The foundation is named after Wondem Zerfu, who died at the age of 12 due to an error of assessment by the AMC. On jeller4.sg-host.com you can read how his parents keep the dream of Wondem alive.

I am committed to raising as much money as possible for the Wondem Foundation.

That is why I ask you, or your company, to sponsor me in my Dam-to-Dam-run challenge. On September 21, 2019 I will run 16 kilometers. I’m already training hard. My goal is to run the Dam-to-Dam run in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Do you want to sponsor me? And that way contribute to a better life for a lot of people in Ethiopia? Every donation is appreciated!

How does it work? Very simple; click on jeller4.sg-host.com/donate-now/?lang=en, adjust the amount and the rest speaks for itself. If it succeeds stating: dtd-eyob

The Wondem Foundation has the ANBI status. This means that in many cases you can deduct your donation from your corporate or income tax.

Thank you very much,
Eyob, also on behalf of Wondem!

Eyob Roding tijdens Dam-tot-Dam-loop
Eyob Roding during Dam-to-Dam run