Wondem Foundation was founded in 2010 with the aim to improve the living conditions of the children in Mezezo so that they can go to school. Wondem Foundation also works for the adjacent village of Kobastil. If the children’s situation is permanently improved, they can develop activities as adults with which they can provide for their livelihoods and the city can further develop out of poverty. Wondem Foundation therefore has a clear focus and its projects have a sustainable impact.

Wondem Foundation has set itself the goal of tackling these problems, project-based and structured. Since 2010, Wondem Foundation has carried out 14 projects in and around Mezezo and Kobastil.

School Library

Clean Water

Help for Women

Projects in Mezezo


  1. construction of a school library for high school students with large study rooms (completed September 2012)
  2. taking care of water supply at the school (completed February 2013)
  3. facilities to keep girls longer at school and girls clubs in school year 2012-2013
  4. construction of two labs for physics and chemistry (completed February 2013)
  5. construction of a health center with maternity clinic (completed October 2014)
  6. empowerment projects, sheep and chickens for 50 single mothers to generate their own income so that they can let their children go to school
  7. providing sheep to carers of children to generate their own income so that they can let the children go to school
  8. construction of two public toilet blocks with shower rooms (completed in 2016)
  9. construction of a school library for the primary school with large study rooms (completed in April 2017)
  10. educational projects for girls and vulnerable students in Mezezo and Kobastil (started in 2018 and still ongoing)

Projects in Kobastil


    1. construction of a school library for the primary school with large study rooms (completed in April 2017)
    2. taking care of water supply at the primary school (completed in April 2017)
    3. construction of a model school garden with its own vegetables for the primary school (completed in 2018)
    4. sustainable maintenance of water resources (completed in 2018 and 2019)


Projects for 2020 and 2021


1. The construction of 4 new classrooms for the primary school in Mezezo

The school in Mezezo is visited by 2,000 students from the region. More than half of the students are girls. The school consists of a primary school with 1,200 students. The other 800 students are in the first two classes of high school. They are taught in 12 classrooms. The lessons are given in two groups: a morning group and an afternoon group. Each classroom is visited by an average of 50 students every hour.

The current building was completed in 1974 and is now completely worn out. It has served for 35 years and is now in urgent need of replacement. There are holes in the walls and ceilings, which means that rain comes in the classroom. Moreover, it is very cold and dark in the classrooms.

The total costs of this project are estimated at € 65,000

2. The construction of a maternity accommodation with 3 rooms in Mezezo

In 2020 the Wondem Foundation wants to build a maternity accommodation with the following spaces:

  • individual rooms where pregnant women and their caregivers can stay for a month in anticipation of their birth
  • 1 kitchen where you can cook
  • 1 room with toilet and washing facilities where you can wash

The lack of equipment will also have to be solved. This concerns the following equipment:

  • blood pressure monitors
  • otoscopes
  • laboratory centrifuges
  • research beds
  • special beds for pregnant women
  • examination lamps
  • medical cleaning supplies
  • microscopes

The total costs of this project are estimated at € 34,000

3. The realization of a bread bakery operated by the handicapped, the purchase of animals and the development of activities for single mothers in Mezezo and Kobastil to generate income

In Mezezo and Kobastil there were a total of 201 disabled people in 2018. The number of disabled women is 99 and the number of disabled men is 102. This number has remained more or less constant over the last decade and it is expected that this number will remain around 200 in the coming years.

The association for disabled people in Mezezo is committed to designing and implementing development programs for these disabled people in Mezezo and the surrounding area. The association for disabled people is active throughout the Tarmaber Woreda Mezezo Sub District. This association is committed to increasing the training opportunities for young people and adults with disabilities, both at institutional and at community level. It develops programs and activities together with local communities to make these training opportunities accessible to people with disabilities.

The total costs of this project are estimated at € 36,700.

Projects for 2018 and 2019

In the coming years, the above projects will be continued and secured by the municipalities of Mezezo and Kobastil, supported by a steering group, the advisors of Wondem Foundation.

In addition to the safeguarding of existing projects, 3 new projects will also be started:

Water sources


Sustainable revision of the water sources in Kobastil. The total costs of permanently overhauling 7 water sources and providing structural provisions for long-term, trouble-free, contamination-free and guaranteed supply of water are estimated at € 33,500.

Projects at primary school


Construction of a model school garden with own vegetables and construction of a school cafeteria at the primary school of Kobastil. The initiatives that Wondem Foundation will develop at the primary school in Kobastil in 2018 and 2019 are:

  • The first initiative is the construction of the model school garden with 40 beds. On each plot, crops will be grown with different cultivation methods.
  • The second initiative is to build and organize a school cafeteria in which the crop yields are processed daily into meals for the pupils, especially the poor pupils.

The total costs of all projects are estimated at € 41,000.



Educational projects for girls and vulnerable pupils in Mezezo and Kobastil. In 2018 and 2019 we will continue on the chosen path. We continue with empowerment. But we are also going to pick up three things:

  • Further provision of sanitary towels in Mezezo and Kobastil
  • Extra lessons to school children with disabilities and poor school children in Mezezo and Kobastil
  • Books and computers for the schools in Mezezo and Kobastil

The total costs of the three projects are estimated at € 30,000.