Wondem Foundation

Mission of Wondem Foundation

The most important goal of the Wondem Foundation is to fight poverty in Ethiopia. Wondem Foundation wants to do this primarily by improving the self-reliance of the population in Ethiopia.

Poor Ethiopian woman

In Ethiopia, it is estimated that about 100,000 children live on the streets, of which 40,000 live in Addis Ababa. This number is growing annually by 5%. These children are separated from their families mainly by poverty, war and famine. Young girls from the country side are often forced to go into town to work in the households where they are subjected to exploitation and (sexual) abuse. Many girls flee from this situation and end up on the streets. There is a great chance that they join (child)prostitution, where the risk of infection with HIV and hepatitis is extremely high. The Ethiopian authorities have not adequately recognized the specific problem of street girls. These girls, therefore virtually have no shelter or help.

School in Mezezo

Vision and core values of the Wondem Foundation

What do we want to be and what do we find important?

  • We focus on people and human contact.
  • We are open to each other and to the outside.
  • We are critical and keep talking to each other.
  • We want to work together and learn from each other.
  • We are transparent.

The board of the Wondem Foundation

The Wondem Foundation has a board of volunteers. They therefore receive no reward. The board members meet on a variety of issues at administrative and financial level, raise funds, maintain contacts and perform PR activities, such as compiling and sending newsletters.

The board of the Wondem Foundation consists of:

  • Tefera Zerfu, chairman
  • Seblewongel Demse, secretary
  • Gelaw Teferi, treasurer

Tefera Zerfu is married and the father of Wondem. He founded the Wondem Foundation in 2010 in memory of his son Wondem, who died at the age of 12 due to an estimation error at the AMC in Amsterdam. He is the owner of the Ethiopian restaurant Addis Ababa at the Overtoom in Amsterdam and has studied nutrition in Ethiopia and the Netherlands.

Seblewongel Demse is the mother of 2 children. During a vacation she went to Mezezo in Ethiopia and there she saw the bitter poverty. That made a big impression on her. That is why she is committed to the Wondem Foundation with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

Gelaw Teferi is married and the father of 2 children. He has worked at the local and national Red Cross in Ethiopia and the Netherlands. He has gained a lot of experience with food aid in Ethiopia. As a treasurer he is mainly concerned with the finances of the Wondem Foundation. He manages and maintains the (financial) contacts with the partners in Ethiopia.

Education is the key

Wondem Foundation wants to give a better future to poor children in Ethiopia. We believe that the key is education.

Charter and extract from trade register of Wondem Foundation


charter Wondem Foundation and extract trade register


The Chamber of Commerce number of Wondem Foundation is: 50207245

The RISN of Wondem Foundation is: 8226.13.402. RISN stands for Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden InformatieNummer.

ANBI status


Wondem Foundation has the ANBI status in the Netherlands. ANBI stands for: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (Public Benefit Organization). This is an recognized charity that is dedicated to the public welfare. That means that the tax authorities will ensure that the objectives and activities of the ANBI are for at least 90% in the public interest. In many cases, you can wholly or partly deduct a donation to an organization that has the ANBI status from the income tax or corporation tax.